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Benefit from 30 years of experience in the business center industry We believe in people as the key to quality

ZIEHER Business Centers Berlin We believe in people as the key to quality

At prime locations in central Berlin, ZIEHER Business Centers offer over 7,000 square meters of state-of-the-art office space for Berlin companies and freelancers with a complete all-round service upon demand. Whether you are a Berlin branch of an established national and international company, a start-up with growing teams, or as a head office with professional back office support, ZIEHER will help your business succeed with customised office space solutions, flexible terms and professional business services.

Starting out in 1985 as an office service on one office floor, Zieher Dienstleistungen GmbH has developed in step with customer requirements to become a top-quality service provider and one of the three largest business center operators in Berlin.

Sincerity, the ability to embrace change as a constant process, and an insistence on high standards of service has enabled our company to grow steadily. With ongoing investments in new technology and quality furnishings, ZIEHER is a leading local provider among the many newcomers in the Berlin business center industry.



Andrea Klockenhoff, managing director, joined the company as center manager in 2013 and was appointed managing director of Zieher Dienstleistungen GmbH on 1 January 2017. With her vigorous motivation and strong service orientation, Andrea Klockenhoff soon found her professional home at ZIEHER. Her skills and experience played a major role in nourishing the steady growth of the company. She is responsible for sales, personnel and logistics.

The ZIEHER Business Center team

The members of the ZIEHER team come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and have years of experience in the industry. Working in small, efficient teams, they are responsible for customer satisfaction.

Our staff includes skilled secretarial assistants, hotel and catering experts and proficient management assistants. Trainees and junior office managers work alongside highly experienced team members at the reception and in the back office. These are the dynamic teams that make the difference in our business centers, learning from each other by sharing their knowledge and experience.

In the business center industry, we are in daily personal contact with our corporate customers. Our customers task us with secretarial and assistance work and entrust us with their guests. We are fully aware of the responsibility we have and the high degree of trust placed in the reliability and professionalism of our employees. To meet our customers' diverse and ever-changing requests, our team needs a wide spectrum of experience and training. We therefore make ongoing further training and education a priority, promoting the personal and professional development of our staff and keeping our standards of service at the forefront of the industry.  

ZIEHER – a team you can rely on.

Guiding principles / corporate culture / company

Respect for the individual is the central focus of all our business operations. Our relations with customers, partners, suppliers and within the team are distinguished by an open and fair spirit of cooperation.

We enjoy impressing customers. Always aiming to provide the perfect service, we do our best every day to make the impossible possible, treating our customers' problems as our own and finding great solutions.

We see service as a continuous process of change. We know that this maxim can only be applied if we also see our own professional development as an ongoing learning process. We learn from and with each other.

We are open to new ideas – from customers, team colleagues and superiors. We pick up new proposals and wishes and discuss their benefits and implementation.

The protection and support of children, young people and trainees is a particularly important issue for us. We provide part-time positions to mothers, enabling them to reconcile the demands of family and working life.

We also feel a strong responsibility towards the people in our city and support local welfare institutions that help people in need, both financially and with our own campaigns.

We embrace social responsibility and are committed to implementing the principles of the global compact: respect for human rights, labor rights, the protection of the environment and the fight against corruption.

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