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Our partners for office space, virtual offices, co-working and conference rooms The Business Center Partners Network and Locartis worldwide

20 owner-operated business centers in Germany Guaranteeing you the highest quality and flexibility

In October 2009, ZIEHER founded the BCP Business Center Partners Network in cooperation with established industry partners. The business center operators in the BCP Network provide state-of-the-art office space and premium service in 20 leading business locations throughout Germany. The BCP Business Center Partners Network is represented by ZieherDienstleistungen GmbH. 

The BCP Network provides corporate customers with a whole range of advantages. Our customers can book meeting or conference space at short notice, set up branch offices at the most prestigious business addresses across Germany quickly and simply, and rent office space for their team at additional locations. All the office space offered by the BCP Network is in top central locations, equipped with the best of everything and premium service guaranteed.

Through the Business Center Partners Network you can benefit from our network partners’ wealth of experience and established local contacts.

BCP Business Center Partners Network

Prestigious office space and business addresses available in all leading locations throughout Germany. Owner-operated business centers provide you with the greatest possible flexibility and continuity, with contract terms and office space adapted to your plans.

Office tasks are managed by a highly professional in-house service team, giving you and your guests a friendly reception and attending to all your business needs.

Your advantages:

You benefit twice from renting office space with the Business Center Partners Network. First: you can book a meeting room in one of our BCP business centers free of charge once a month. Second: access to the network means you can set up a branch office in a city of your choice or register your business there at short notice, at very competitive rates and without a permanent contract.

Whether you’re in Berlin, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart or other top locations, you can rely on the many years of successful cooperation between the Business Center Partners.

For more information on the Network, contact:
+49 30 886200-100

Locartis - The world is your office

Global network Prime workspace and meeting rooms at leading locations around the world

Locartis is currently the leading independent business center network in Europe and around the world. The Locartis Network includes more than 100 business centers in Europe and over 300 business centers worldwide, the majority of which are owner-operated.

All business centers in the Locartis Group are managed by experienced local service teams, ensuring the highest quality in service.

The Locartis Network was launched in 2000 by the two leading national business center operators: Multiburo (France) and Harvard (England), with the aim of bringing together the leading national independent business center operators from every country as partners in an international network.

As partners in the Locartis Network, we can recommend prestigious office space and business addresses and arrange competitive rates in all leading locations in Europe and worldwide to our corporate customers in Germany.

For more information visit:

Your advantages as a Locartis Network Europe customer:

  • 1 free “Day Office” day a month
  • 1 free “Virtual Office” month for all new signed annual contracts
  • 10 % discount on every hired meeting room
  • 5 % discount on every new office contract

Your advantages as a business address customer in the Locartis Network Europe:

  • 3 free “Day Office” days per year
  • 1 free ”Virtual Office” month for all new signed annual contracts-
  • 5 % discount on every hired meeting room
  • 5 % discount on every new office contract

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Win-win in the BCP Business Center Partners Network The ideal office solution for professional nomads

In these globalized times, it has become standard practice for businesses to operate on a worldwide level with networked technical and organizational structures. Space and structure requirements in modern work environments have changed accordingly. Time and space have taken on a completely new dimension. Work is now frequently carried out at changing workstations, in lounge areas or a variety of different locations. In many companies, working hours have become flexible, with rest areas and kitchenettes turning into communication points and recreational landscapes.

The New Economy has revolutionized the work environment, posing a challenge to the business center industry. The Network partners responded by adapting their infrastructure to meet these changed needs. Individual workstations are now available for rent in shared offices at all business centers for people who happen to be in a city or need a change from their home office environment. All business centers also have open-plan offices that teams can shape to suit their needs. A further option available at all business centers is to book meeting space to meet up with colleagues, partners or customers for just a few hours. You and your guests can always be sure of a friendly reception, a pleasant atmosphere and impeccable customer service all over Europe and worldwide with our Locartis partners.

  • Individual office and workspace packages at 20 locations throughout Germany
  • Central locations with prestigious business addresses
  • Modern meeting and conference rooms available for rent per hour or per day
  • Full technical infrastructure and office amenities
  • Range of high-quality drinks included
  • Individual catering on request
  • On-demand secretarial services
  • No time wasted on looking for office space, furnishing and renovation work
  • Discount for Network customers

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